Pu'er tea "amulet" only 11 ground tea factory in Yunnan available
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    Yesterday (15 May), the Information Office of the provincial government, Provincial Agriculture Office, Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision jointly issued Pu'er tea geographical indication protection start of geographical indications products Pu'er tea "national standard release conference, the conference announced Pu'er tea geographic indication protection work, and the next step will be to take measures for the work.
    According to reports, the declaration from the establishment of Pu'er tea geographical indication protection declaration management committee, to "geographical indications products tea" is approved, which lasted for more than 1 year. , May 13, 2008, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued a Notice No. 60, 2008 "approved by the announcement of the implementation of the protection of geographical indication of Pu'er tea", approved the implementation of the protection of geographical indication of Pu'er tea, and defined Pu'er tea products of geographical indication protection, quality and technical requirements and special logo usage requirements. 5 August of the same year, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, National Institute of Standards entrusted with the national standard of the People's Republic of China approved a national standard program "geographical indications products Pu'er tea" to be released, the release date of June 17, 2008, implementation date of 2008 On 1 December. Use of geographical indications need to examine the "credibility" of these years, tea has become another competitive industries in the province following the "clouds", "cloud medicine", "cloud flower. The data show that in 2007, the province's tea planting area of 421.4 mu production area of 298.6 hectares, Pu'er tea production reached 9.9 million tons, ranking first in the cloud tea. As of September 30 this year, the province's tea production and processing of food production licenses 852, Pu'er annual processing capacity of more than 300 processing enterprises in more than 200 tons. "Currently, the the formal market sales Pu'er tea is in line with local standards of Yunnan Province yesterday, Chen Bo Lian, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, said that the" geographical indications products Pu'er tea, "the national standard in the Yunnan local standards on the basis of the formation, mainly to expand the scope of protection of the tea. The past, the relevant departments of the Pu'er tea do a lot of protection, including many tea market to expand the inventory work, so Pu'er tea regular sales in the market are produced Yunnan Province Pu'er tea related standards. However, good and bad from the quality or difficult for some people, respectively, the quality of tea. The Pu'er tea geographical indication application is approved, the enterprises in order to apply for this flag, in addition to tea compliant, its size and reputation, integrity as examine the range. Outside protected areas tea "tea" infringement in recent years, due to the production, sales and prices are gradually rising, tea has become the focus of attention of the society. Although there have been investigations data of tea sales have fallen sharply from last year, but experts optimistic about the tea market, the decline in sales, it should be said that a rational consumer regression to accelerate cloud tea enterprises industrial restructuring ... "said a staff of the Office of the Yunnan tea, the application for approval of geographical indications, I believe that the good of those who achieve standardized production enterprise, but also facilitate public awareness of Pu'er tea. "In addition to the 11 states (city) production of tea 'Pu'er tea' name, used elsewhere in the names belong infringement ...." Chen Bo Lian Pu'er tea geographical indication protection is a major event of the development of the tea industry in Yunnan bound on the the Pu'er tea stabilize and improve product quality, and maintain the physical health of the majority of consumers, enhance the influence and competitiveness, and promote the healthy development of industry "cloud tea, play a positive role. According to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announcement requirements, tea geographical indication protection range: Yunnan Province, Kunming, Chuxiong, Yuxi City, Honghe Prefecture, Wenshan Prefecture, Pu'er City, Xishuangbanna, Dali, Baoshan, Dehong State, Lincang City in 11 states (city) under the jurisdiction of 75 counties (cities, districts) and their 639 township (town, street offices). Yunnan Pu'er tea protection measures Congress will increase also made ​​arrangements for the next step of the geographical indications of the Pu'er tea. Which, the provincial government will set up a leading group Pu'er tea industrialization of agriculture, quality supervision, industry and commerce, science and technology, finance and other departments, has overall responsibility for the traditional process of Pu'er tea collected the modern process research and development, and to strengthen the product processing marketing and other aspects of management, to start as soon as possible the use of Pu'er tea geographical indication-specific signs declare, at the same time increase market supervision to ensure that the tea quality. New GI products tea "national standards, Pu'er tea must species to the protection of geographical indications within Yunnan large leaf drying green tea as raw material, using a specific process made ​​within the scope of protection of geographical indications and Pu'er tea processing and quality characteristics of tea made ​​detailed provisions. The news reader geographical indications, both geographical indications, is the mark of quality, it is a kind of intellectual property rights. Famous and special products for the protection of geographical indications a unified geographical indication protection flag, the implementation of uniform national standards; The Geographical Indications product is produced in a specific region, with the quality, reputation or other characteristic, essentially depends on the origin natural and human factors, named audited and approved geographical name products.

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